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Travel Essentials - Hotels
Choosing your holiday
We are happy to give you our excellent levels of service. If you have any sort of difficulty or confusion regarding choosing your holiday destination, simply call us for our friendly expert advice.
Hotel standards
Hotel standards may vary according to different countries and even within one city. Hotels of similar rating may not provide a similar experience. Therefore we recommend you to contact the concerned hotel directly or refer to the facilities/information section available on the hotel's website.
Dress code
Please be aware of, and considerate to, the dress code of the particular country you are visiting.
Check-in & Check-out time
The check in time, on your day of arrival at the hotel is typically 3 PM and the check –out time is between 11 AM and 12 noon.
Booking a room for early arrival or late departure, (also consider the previous point)
If you wish to book a room for an early arrival or late departure please inform us at the time of booking, this is usually no more than an extra night's charge.
All inclusive generally means that all meals, local drinks (during bar hours) and day and evening activities at your hotel are covered, but services, facilities and meals may vary among different countries. This may include an extra charge on imported alcoholic drinks or machine games. Also beer in all–inclusive packages is usually served as draft and not bottled, local wine in a glass, and carbonated drinks on tap.
Alcoholic licensing laws vary among different countries; hence you may be under age for drinking alcoholic beverages in a certain country but not in others. 
Alcoholic beverages are not served in some countries during certain religious festivals and in that case the hotel will not be able to serve you alcoholic beverages. To be sure, we recommend that you carry with you your identity proof so that you can prove your age when demanded. Certain countries are very strict on alcohol drinking loads and may even go to the extent of denying you alcohol even if you look under age. Remember that you cannot carry alcohol with you inside your car, though you may carry along if it is locked in the boot of your car. 
Remember that you cannot carry alcohol with you in car; though you may carry along if it is locked in the boot of your car.
Children on holiday
The guest is liable to pay for any extra charges such as for a baby cot and food at the hotel. In – flight as well, there is not entitlement for a separate seat for a baby and under 2 years will travel on your lap; though international flights do you allow one infant per adult. 
We recommend that children under 10 years avoid going to holidays on coach tours or escorted ones. The primary reason is that some destinations lack efficient child care and medical facilities for young children. We advise you to discuss your requirements with us and we will be glad to help you.
Holiday Seasons
At Flights Guru, we provide services all year long. But we would like to mention that some destinations have off-peak periods where in you may be able to enjoy extra personal attention from the hotel and staff and that too at lower prices. For any such facility and planning, simply call our travel specialist.
Public holidays
There are many holidays, seasons, and festivals during which you may not be able to enjoy all the entertainment facilities at your chosen destination. We suggest you refer the internet or tourist office for information on such holidays and seasons and book your dates accordingly.
We recommend that you have your meals through the 'a la carte' menu if you would require a special diet such as all vegetarian food, as meals is generally do not offer such options or variety. 
Meals if included are based upon on the table d'hote menus (a multi course menu with a few choices chargeable), and meal vouchers. Generally meals commence on the day of arrival and end half – board with breakfast, or full – board with lunch on the day of departure.